With Scientific Glass’ experience in the semiconductor industry, we understand the application of our quartzware to your process. We also understand, due to the automation of many fabs, just how critical quartzware has become. At Scientific Glass, our expertise in manufacturing automated and vertical quartzware puts us on many approved vendors lists, qualifying us to provide services for furnace manufacturers and end users. Our on-site C-N-C mill, Co2 laser and various grinding equipment allows us to hold tight tolerances on:

Pedestals, Injectors, fin, Pedestals, Exhaust, Pipes, Inner, Tubes, Cradles
Tubes, Wafer, Carriers, Bell, Jars, Boats, Thermocouple, Sheath, Injectors
& other related Items


Scientific Glass fabricates a full line of horizontal quartzware while adhering to the highest quality standards. With state of the art fixturing and machinery, Scientific Glass can meet any requirement you may have: Special order, high quality or tight tolerances. Some of the products we fabricate are:

Furnace Tubes (any size), Wafer Boats, Wheeled Paddles, Baffles, Diffusion Tubes ,Injectors, Shutters, Manifold covers, Sleds, Gas Manifolds, End Caps & Related Items

Batch Epitaxal

Bell Jars
Scientific Glass leads the industry for the manufacture of custom and standard EPI quartzware. Combined, we retain over 100 years of experience in the various generations of research and development for EPI quartzware. Our expertise enables us to supply both the OEM’s and the end users.

Our standard EPI product line:
Bell Jars
Purge Baffles
Sensor Sheaths
Bell Jar Inserts
Coi Covers

Single Wafer

We Supply a wide range of quartzware for the single wafer equipment segment. Such items include:

Spiders, Wafer Trays
Funnels, Inserts
Insulators, Rings
Chambers, Bell Jars

Single Wafer Epitaxal

We Package Solutions and Innovation

Support Shafts
Water Lift Shafts

Raw Material

Scientific Glass has a large amount of on-hand inventory, acquired through our consignment relationship with vendors such as: Momentive, Qsil, Tosoh, Saint-Gobain, and Heraeus. This ensures we have the materials required to meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

Our in-stock inventory consists of:

Tubing :4m OD to 450mm OD
Rod: 1mm-25mm
Ground plate
Polished windows 

Machined solids
(opaque, CFQ, and Synthetic)
Bell Jar Flanges
Taper Joints
Ball and Socket joints

Vertical Process Systems

Vertical Process Systems: Vertical wafer processing quartz ware. Wafer boats, wafer carriers, Process tubes, thermocouples, baffles for CVD, LPCVD, LTO along with many other... read more


RTA: Semiconductor quartz ware for Rapid Thermal processing equipment for wafer sizes 100mm-200mm including. Plus the added capability of full refurbishment... read more

Resize of Quartz Tubing

Resize of Quartz Tubing: Custom fabrication of quartz tubing in all size ranges of 150mm OD up to 500mm OD. Tubing made to the customers’ specifications and  Can hold tolerances on the OD as tight as... read more


Joints: Quartz standard taper joints, ball joints and socket... read more

Horizontal Process Systems

Horizontal Process Systems: Horizontal wafer processing quartz ware. Wafer boats, wafer carriers, Process tubes, thermocouples, baffles for CVD, LPCVD, LTO along with many other... read more