Company Overview

Scientific Glass has been a leader in the quartz fabrication business since 1988. Mel Hart, Chairman and co-founder of the company has 40 years of experience himself. Combined we retain over 100 years of experience in the various generations of research and development of quartzware.
Our factory is located near Orlando Florida, but our reputation has enabled us to do business throughout the United states as well as in countries such as China, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Japan. Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey. We are ISO 9001: 2008 Certified. Since 2002

A brief description of our products:
Quartz (Quartzware) – Used in most high temperature applications of wafer manufacturing. This Quartz is used primarily as a barrier between the heating element or lamps and the Wafer? Product. Some of the common descriptions are of these Quartz apparatuses are holders, carriers, shields, liners, tubes and baffles. In some cases the quartz plays a more integral role with the flow and mixing of process gases?chemicals for both etching and thin film deposition.

A brief list of quartz products we manufacture, repair, clean, or refurbish for the following equipment:
SVG/ ASML – Batch furnaces, Horizontal and Vertical
BTI, BTU, Bruce – Batch furnaces, Horizontal and Vertical
TEL, Tokyo Electron – Batch furnaces, Horizontal and Vertical
ASM – Batch furnaces, Horizontal and Vertical
Kokusai – Batch furnaces, Horizontal and Vertical
Applied Materials, Epi, Etch, CVD and PVD processes
Semitherm – Batch furnaces, Vertical
Gasonics – Single wafer processing
AG, RTP – Single wafer Rapid Thermal Processing
Axcelis – Single wafer Rapid Thermal Processing
ASM, Epsilon – Single wafer Epi Reactor
MRL – Batch processing

A brief list of our manufacturing capabilities:
Welding, Fusing
Grinding, Lapping and Polishing
Cutting, Slotting
Cleaning, Repair – Refurbishment (of some products)
Resizing of tube material which allows us to fabricate tube material up to 30″ OD