Company Overview

Scientific Glass has been a leader in the quartz fabrication business since 1988. Mel Hart, Chairman and co-founder of the company has 40 years of experience himself. Combined we retain over 100 years of experience in the various generations of research and development of quartzware.

Designed With Passion

Scientific Glass and its employees strive to continuously improve our systems, processes and techniques, utilizing innovative ideas to increase our customer’s overall satisfaction. We also pledge to meet their needs, utilizing innovative ideas to reach the high volume manufacturing demands of our customers.



Scientific Glass’ state of the art resize lathe gives us the capability of fabricating up to 30″ diameters, as well as lengths as short as 12″. Whether your needs require multiple pieces, or just one, Scientific Glass will be happy to accommodate your company’s needs.


Scientific Glass manufactures all sizes and lengths of standard tapered joints and ball joints. We have a large inventory on hand for quick, convenient delivery.

OD Grinding

Scientific Glass has a unique ability, OD grinding to a diameter as small as 3mm. We can also grind as large as 14″ diameters and meet almost any tolerance.


Whether you are looking for one piece or a hundred, we can insure a top quality product at a fair price with excellent, on time delivery.


Scientific Glass has an entire department devoted to the repair of your quartzware. We can repair almost any item whether it is horizontal, vertical, Epi, single wafer, or rapid thermal quartzware. We strive to quote repairs within 24 hours, and with our experience in this area, we can typically repair the item to like new condition


Typical reparable items include: Tubes / Flanges All Epi items Single wafer Domes / Rings / Chambers Trays / Wafter units Support Shafts Pins / Pin Sets / Sleeves Liners / Windows


With Scientific Glass’ state of the art CO2 laser, we can cut any item you may need. Our laser provides precision quality quartzware that can be delivered in a convenient time frame.


With our laser, Scientific Glass maintains the edge in fabricating complex components utilized in final assembly.

SGI service contracts include the following options for today’s High Volume Manufacturing Environment:

Onsite Consignment Inventories Repair and Cleaning Service Total Refurbishment Replacement Parts Kitting and Packaging Life Cycle Tracking

How we do it?

-Multiple Distribution Sites

– Collaboration with our global suppliers

– Hundreds of combined years of expertise

– Manufacturing Partnerships that cover Europe, Asia and the Americas

With our Global reach

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